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    "Established by Mormon Pioneers in 1855 as Fort Cedar Springs.   Church President Brigham Young gave permit for the families of William Stevens, Sr. and Richard Johnson to start a settlement near these grassy spring fed hills.

    Joined that fall by eight more families, the small colony began building an adobe walled fort to serve as a home for the people and protection from the Piute Indians.  In use until 1867.  It was a place of refuge for the weary frontier traveler.  It came to be known as 'Buttermilk Fort' because of its dairying industry and its refreshing drink.

    In 1858 a post office was established and the name was changed to honor the memory of Elijah Holden.  He had perished in 1857 on the Scipio pass (nine miles to the north) in a snow storm.  While attempting to save a small boys life.

    Residents of Holden still radiate the enduring qualities bequeathed them by their hardy pioneering ancestors.......Thrift, perseverence, a strong, abiding love of God."  - Holden Beautification Commitee