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AUGUST 11, 1999

STARTED-    8:05 P.M.

PRESENT-    Mayor Brent Bennett, Don Dastrup, Matt Zeigler, Juliene Robins,

VISITORS-    Bryan Stevens, David Johnson, KennRae Hodges, Kirk Mundy, and Mike Hodges.

Motion to accept the previous meeting minutes was made by Don Dastrup seconded by Matt Zeigler

1)    The bills were read.

2)    Motion to pay the bills was made by Juliene Robins seconded by Don dastrup. Voting was unanimous.

3)    Bryan Stevens was here from Steve's Tire he presented p;ans for possible express fuel station in Holden would usecredit cards.  Will contact Town again when ready for building permit.

4)    Kirk Mundy was here to request a second water meter for lot.

5)    KennRae Hodges was here to discuss Valera Stephenson overage on water in 1977- Council said they couldn't do anything about it since the water went through the meter and no leak was discovered.

6)    Don Dastrup discussed water hook-up fees to raise charges we need to show impact fee.

        Motion to approve water hookup for Kirk Mundy and Mike Hodges meter to be placed area of second lot-meter to go with second lot if lot is sold. Cost to remain at $1000.00 was made by Don Dastrup seconded by Juliene Robins.  Voting was unanimous.

7)    Water Source Protection plan is finished-Lynn Wall will come and explain next month.

8)    Juliene Robins said Holden has 5 trees in a nursery up north award for being Tree City U.S.A. -council said have Ken Jackson go pick them up.

9)    We have the lease agreement from the Church for the Pavillion and Ball Fields, Council will have a lawyer from Richfield Dale Eyre go over agreement.

10)    Juliene said Ken Jackson ordered some signs "Slow Children at Play", "Stop for School Bus", and "Yield" sign face covers.  Discussed a Yield sign by Bonnie Christensen's.

11)    Juliene said there is a UAMPS Conference coming up.

        Juliene presented an agreement for share owners Idaho Power that needs to be signed-Mayor and Clerk signed.

12)    Discussed bill from Flowell Electric for outage at Valera Stephenson caused by Valera's roofers-Juliene will check into this.

13)    Juliene asked about Dog Ordinance-Mayor Bennett said will work on it.

14)    Town Equipment shed was discussed.

15)    Mayor Bennett said we are applying for a grant for new Town Hall Building.

16)    Juliene Robins officially resigned from town Council due to moving and leaving the area.

17)    Council discussed a possible road designated for ATV's to travel to have access to the mountains.

18)    Motion to dismiss the meeting was made by Matt zeigler seconded by Don Dastrup.  Voting unanimous.

        Meeting adjourned at 9:47 P.M.



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