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Holden Town Board Meeting

December 13, 2000
Started: 7:05 P.M.

Present: Mayor Brent Bennett, Don Dastrup, Matt Zeigler, Bonnie Mundy, Kent Davis
Visitors: Alison Johnson, Tim Arnold, Jordan Arnold, David Lund, Darlene Talbot.
The Minutes of the previous meeting were read
Motion to accept minutes of the meeting as read was made by Don Dastrup, seconded by Bonnie Mundy. Voting was unanimous.
The bills were read: Motion to pay the bills was made by Don Dastrup, seconded by Matt Ziegler. Voting was unanimous.
1) Tim Arnold was here to ask why council said no to his application for a second water meter. He said that he was following the advise of his attorney, he was video taping the councils reply. Council said that for now they are not letting anyone have a second meter. Sunrise Engineering did a report and found that if everyone who has a meter used their allocated 60,000 gallons there is not enough water coming into the system. So for now no more second water meters are being allowed. After discussion Tim suggested Town get legal council, which the Town Council said they were doing.
2) Matt Zeigler presented letter from TruGreen/Lawn Chem that asked if the Town was interested in their services for the coming spring and summer, if we paid now in full there will be a 10% discount.
Motion to go ahead and do this was made by Bonnie Mundy, seconded by Don Dastrup. Voting was unanimous.
3) Darlene Talbot said that they have been helping decorate Frances Harmon's home with outdoor lights. Frances is very excited, hoping to win a prize. Darlene asked if the council would consider another category of the oldest resident with outdoor lighting. Frances is the oldest by 2 months. Darlene would like to furnish the prize money.
Council said that it was a good idea.
4) Mayor Bennett said there will be a meeting Thursday December 21 at 7:00 p.m. for Town Board to meet with legal council to find out what Town can and can't do concerning water.
5) Don Dastrup said we need a new chlorinator. Motion to go ahead and purchase one was made by Matt Zeigler, seconded by Don Dastrup. Voting was unanimous.
6) Building permits were discussed, the inspections are to help the owners, to make sure there is quality work done and meets code.
7) Bonnie Mundy presented a copy of Fillmore's ordinance about pigs. Really doesn't meet our needs.
Dave Lund suggested to check the new zoning ordinance to see if there is anything.
8) David Lund was here from Planning and Zoning Committee to present new building code - General provisions.
Motion to pass the building code was made by Bonnie Mundy seconded by Kent David.
Voting was unanimous.
9) Bonnie asked asked what we can do about the black mud on the sides of streets Council said wait until spring, we will probably have more floods.
10) Kent Davis asked about changing old electric meters, old meters run slow.
Asked about buying in bulk - Council said to go ahead.
11) Maintaining our own electric system was discussed.
12) Alison Johnson was here to give financial report and report on audit. Everything went well.
13) Motion to give Christmas bonus to Mayor and Council members was made by Kent Davis, seconded by Matt Ziegler.
14)Motion to dismiss the meeting was made by Kent Davis seconded by Matt Zeigler.
Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.


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