Holden Town Meeting

January 12, 2000

Started: 7:00 p.m.

Present: Mayor Brent Bennett, Kent Davis, Bonnie Mundy, Don Dastrup, Matt Zeigler

Visitors: Brent & Bea Davis, Weston & Vicki Warner, Iva Lou Zeigler

New and re-elected officials were sworn into office:

Matt Zeigler 2 year Council member

Kent Davis 4 year Council member

Bonnie Mundy 2 year Council member

The minutes of the previous meeting were read:

Motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Kent Davis

Seconded by Matt Zeigler. Voting was unanimous.

The bills were read: Motion to pay the bills was made by Don Dastrup

Seconed by Bonnie Mundy. Voting was unanimous.

  1. Mayor Bennett made assignmments to Council:
  2. Don Dastrup - Water

    Kent Davis - Power

    Matt Zeigler - Dump & Recreation

    Bonnie Mundy - Roads

  3. New chairs for Council were approved.
  4. Kent Davis said Dog Ordinance is about ready.
  5. Matt Zeigler asked if we can go ahead and start the Restroom/Concession Building. Mayor said to go ahead.
  6. Names were discussed for the Planning and Zoning Committee. Mayor will meet with Dave Lund to go over list, then bring back for Council approval.
  7. Application for Building Permit from Robert Johnson was presented. Motion to accept application was made by Kent Davis seconded by Don Dastrup
  8. Water Conference at St. George Feb. 29, Mar. 1, 2, & 3 was discussed. Council approved attendance at Conference.
  9. Motion to dismiss the meeting was made by Kent Davis seconded by Matt Zeigler. Voting unanimous.

Meeting adjourned at 8:18 p.m.