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Holden Town Board Meeting

July 12, 2000
Started: 8:05 P.M.

Present: Mayor Brent Bennett, Don Dastrup, Kent Davis, Matt Zeigler
Visitors: Frank Thomas, Alison Johnson.
The Minutes of the previous meeting were read
Motion to accept minutes as read was made by Kent Davis, seconded by Matt Zeigler. Voting was unanimous.
The bills were read: Motion to pay the bills was made by Don Dastrup, seconded by Matt Zeigler. Voting was unanimous.
1) Frank Thomas was here to request a second water meter, to be up in his north lot.   Motion to approve second water meter for Frank Thomas, Jim Larsen, Jim Brunner, Tom Stephenson was made by Matt Zeigler, seconded by Kent Davis. Voting was unanimous.
2) Don Dastrup asked council how they felt about forced floridation in the water.   Council against.
3) Don said the motor has been ordered for the old mower.
4) Alison Johnson asked about the letter from County that states each in-home business must be charged a separate dump charge.  Council said Town will have to start in January when new business licenses are due.
5) Kent Davis asked about 4-wheelers in Town, council explained that it is legal for agriculture (farmers) with agriculture sticker on 4-wheeler from their farm, legally.   All recreational purposes are illegal, until town designates which streets are to be ridden on.  The town can't do this until the county designates some county roads connecting Holden to give residents access to some recreational areas.
6) Council discussed the need for more water.
7) Alison asked about a 3% wage increase for Tyler Jolley.  Motion to give Tyler a 3% increase was made by Matt Zeigler, seconded by Don Dastrup.  Voting was unanimous..
8)  Motion to dismiss the meeting was made by Kent Davis seconded by Matt Zeigler.   Voting was unanimous.
Meeting adjourned at 9:03 p.m.



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