MARCH 10, 1999

STARTED- 7:05 p.m.

PRESENT- Mayor Brent Bennett, Kent Davis, Don Dastrup, Matt Zeigler, Juliene Robins

VISITORS- Tim Stevens, Kalan Lemon, Madean Lemon, Brian Wade, Justin Stevens, Paul Johnson, Landon Kesler, JoAnn Larsen

Minutes of the previous meeting were read- Motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Don Dastrup seconded by Matt Zeigler

1) The bills were read- Motion to pay the bills was made by Matt Zeigler seconded by Kent Davis. voting was unanimous

2) Tim Stevens was here to present plans for his Eagle Project. Bulletin Board at pavillion, cost estimate $470.00-Motion to support this Eagle Project was made by Kent Davis seconded by Matt Zeigler deadline to finish Project is May 15.

3) Landon Kesler was here for Eagle Project- extending fence between two ball diamonds. Council wants plans on cost estimate.

4) Brian Wade was here to apply for building permit. Putting in a new home north of Stella Stephenson.

5) Mayor Bennett presented building permit for Barry Nixon for car port.

6) Justin Stevens was here for Eagle Project- wants to install benches the Town has purchased for playground area and cemetery.

redwood needs to be purchased- Justin needs to figure cost estimate.

7) Kalan Lemon was here to ask for ideas for Eagle Project. Council suggested bulletin board at Cemetery to place Cemetery map in-.Kalan needs to bring back plans and cost estimate.

8) JoAnn Larsen and Madean Lemon were here to ask for town support for baseball teams- asking for $1,000.00 all teams combined on cost request. Motion to donate $1,000.00 to Holden baseball teams was made by Matt Zeigler seconded by Juliene Robins Voting was unamious

9) Don Dastrup said Sunrise doing a bid for water tank- discussed water regulations coming up. Discussed water meters with backflow prevention, will check into cost of installing for all residents meters.

10) Juliene Robins said UAMPS has surplus parts. Are we interested- suggested check costs we have paid Flowell Electric last 12 months-then decide if we want to make other arrangements for electrial work to be done.

11) Juliene said APPA is campaigning for local control of taxes asking donations to help campaign. Motion to donate $100.00 for campaign was made by Matt Zeigler seconded by Don Dastrup. Voting was unanimous.

12) Juliene had agreement needing to be signed by Mayor and Clerk from UAMPS to receive our share of money for being equity member. Motion to have agreement signed was made by Don Dastrup seconded by Matt Zeigler.

13) UAMPS board meeting in St. George 16-17. Motion to send Juliene was made by Don Dastrup seconded by Matt Zeigler, voting was unanimous.

14) Delinquent Power bills were discussed.

15) Cellular tower to be built in Town was discussed. Council felt should be built outside city limits.

16) Cement Curb around flower bed at Cemetery was discussed- Cost $2.00 a foot- Motion-to do this was made by Kent Davis seconded by Don Dastrup.

17) Signs designating where to park at Cemetery was discussed.

18) Matt Zeigler said found a buyer for metal at dump.

19) Purchase agreement was discussed- will retype and adopt next month.

20) Town clean-up discussed-will be April 5-10. Needs to be picked up by April 17.

21) Town Board Meeting to remain at 7:00 p.m. next month.

22) Motion to dismiss meeting was made by Kent Davis seconded by Matt Zeigler Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.