Holden town Board Meeting

May 12, 1999

Started- 8:03

Present - Mayor Brent Bennett, Kent Davis, Don Dastrup, Juliene Robins, Matt Zeigler

Visitors -Warren and Matthew Davidson, Ken Tuttle, Roy Bates, Barry and Scott Nixon

The minutes of the previous meeting were read -

Motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Kent Davis seconded by Don Dastrup

1) The bills were read- Motion to pay the bills was made by Kent Davis seconded by Don Dastrup voting was unanimous

2) Warren &Matthew Davidson-were here to request a business license for a Auto Dealership out of their home.

3) Ken Tuttle was here to tell the Council about low power problems they have especially at night. Ken said there are 6 meters on one small transformer.
Juliene will check with Flowell electric and get a larger transformer.

4) Ken Tuttle also questioned Town support of Little League- asked if town was going to continue to support program in the coming years- Council said yes.

5) Don Dastrup discussed water gallonage for summer months- continue with 60,000 gallons per month - overage charges same as last year depending on amount of water available.

6) Juliene Robins- Flowell Electric contract discussed- Nothing binding 5 years is up.

7) Roy Bates- Cancer Insurance for employee's of-Municipality- Capitol American Life Insurance Co. Will call back those interested.

8) Scott Nixon was here for Eagle Project- Pop up sprinkler heads at the Cemetery, so people do not run over them. Sixty-six needed cost $6.00 each approximate $400.00 Some should be done by Memorial Day, finished end of July.
Motion to support this project was made by Don Dastrup seconded by Juliene Robins all agreed

9) Matt Zeigler said Gail George came cleaned up dump.
Matt suggested getting some new basketball rims (before budget ends for 1999) at the old swimming pool area.
Motion to do this was made by Matt Zeigler seconded Kent Davis Voting was unanimous.

10) Juliene Robins suggested getting a toddler swing and having installed for Eagle Project.
Also said we need night lights-with timer, trash barrels, clean up rims and paint courts.

11) Kent Davis said the bids for the roads will be coming this week.
Post Office bid will be here next week. Then Kent will call everyone.

12) Council wants Ken to repair sidewalk in front of Post Office. Will have Eagle Project put bushes in.

13) closed Meeting Monday at 5:30 p.m.

14) Matt Zeigler suggested we look into a lease program for a backhoe. All agreed he should do this.

15) Mayor Bennett presented a letter-from U.S. Postal Service- would like temporary contract to become permanent. Discussed- we need a surety bond for $5,000.00 for contract.

Alison will contact Ralph Myers: about bond and find contract.

16) Fillmore City has reinstated the contract with us for building inspections with all the same terms and conditions except the fee has increased.
Motion to accept the interlocal Cooperation Act Agreement was made by Don Dastrup seconded by Kent Davis Voting was unanimous.

17) Alison Johnson gave each council member a current financial report.
Pre-budget discussion was held with each Department, Alison will call auditor about some of the projects discussed.
Suggested each council member and Mayor go over report and plans this month-be ready for final budget June 9.

18) New equipment building was discussed-put by Fire House. Kent will check on costs and contact Shirl Gager about Fire Dept. feelings. Motion to build new equipment building was made by Don Dastrup seconded by Juliene Robins. Voting was unanimous.

19) Motion to dismiss the meeting was made by Kent Davis seconded by Matt Zeigler

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 p.m.