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Holden Town Board Meeting

November 8, 2000
Started: 7:05 P.M.

Present: Mayor Brent Bennett, Don Dastrup, Matt Zeigler, Bonnie Mundy
Visitors: Alison Johnson.
The Minutes of the previous meeting were read
Motion to accept minutes of the meeting as read was made by Don Dastrup, seconded by Matt Ziegler. Voting was unanimous.
The bills were read: Motion to pay the bills was made by Bonnie Mundy, seconded by Don Dastrup. Voting was unanimous.
1) Don Dastrup discussed water meters with council.
2) Bonnie Mundy asked about all the broken limbs in town following the heavy snow storm, after discussing, the council decided to hire the Prisoner work team through the sheriff office to come over and help clean up the limbs.
Motion to do this was made by Bonnie Mundy, seconded by Don Dastrup. Voting was unanimous.
3) Council discussed pigs in town. Bonnie Mundy will check with Fillmore City and see how they banned pigs in the city limits without affecting other animals.
4) Council discussed the increased costs for building permits. There has not been any increase in several years, which makes for a larger increase. Also it is a liability issue, with Sunrise Engineering doing the inspections, Holden will not be liable.
5) Application presented from Citizen Communications. On November 16 - December 10 they will be putting in underground telephone lines on 300 South between 100 West and Main street.  Application was approved.
6) Mayor Bennett said we will be ready to have a hearing on the new building codes next month. Notice will be published for two weeks prior to the meeting.
7) Council discussed a Town New Years Eve Party again this year, but since New Years Eve is on Sunday night it was decided not to have one this year.
8) Christmas Party for council and employees was discussed. Decided to have Dec. 8, at 7:00 p.m. Will try to have it the same place as last year. Alison will check on this.
9) Christmas Lighting Contest was discussed. It was decided to do the same as last year. Ken Jackson will be in charge. Anyone who has won in the last two years is not eligible.
Prizes the same as last year - 1st place $75.00, 2nd place $50.00, 3rd place $25.00
Motion to 1/2 the electric rates for December to encourage residents to decorate was made by Don Dastrup, seconded by Bonnie Mundy. Voting was unanimous.
10)Motion to dismiss the meeting was made by Matt Zeigler seconded by Bonnie Mundy. Voting was unanimous.
Meeting adjourned at 8:13 p.m.


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